Best Running Shoes For 2014

Best Running Shoes For 2014

Running is a top sport, not only in the United States, but across the world. With the popularity of running, manufactures of running shoes began to notice that different runners needed different shoes. A runner, who runs for speed, requires a different shoe than a runner that runs for distance. Different body types and experience levels (condition of the body) will cause a different need. Running shoes of 2014 were all about light weight protection. Runners want to protect their feet and ankles but want their shoes to be light as a feather. There were many manufactures who hit the mark in 2014. Let’s take a look at the top 10.

1. Adidas Supernova Glide 6

Adidas Supernova Glide 6

• The midsole of this shoe are made from new material called Boost foam. It provides more cushioning than traditional foam soles and is very resistant to temperature change. The Boost foam does not get hard in cold weather and it is designed to remain supportive and comfortable for the long distance runner. These are good, year-round running shoes. They are well worth the cost.


2. Brooks Pure Flow 3

Brooks Pure Flow 3

• This runner is a remake from the Brooks Pure Flow 2 and it is awesome. It is very light weight and narrower for a smoother landing. The padding is very good and allows the foot to stay closer to the ground while protecting the feet. This is a moderately priced shoe at around $100.00 per pair. Brooks lovers and others claim this is a top of the line running shoe. Brooks shoes are well known for their long wear.

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3. UnderArmourSpeedform Apollo

UnderArmourSpeedform Apollo

•  This shoe is a runners dream. If you do not like to wear socks this is the shoe for you. The shoe is designed to feel exceptionally soft on the foot and around the ankle. This shoe gives you good control and more heel padding than most running shoes. This running shoe was designed for comfort. They are light and cool.



4. Sketchers GoRun Ride 3

Sketchers GoRun Ride 3

•   This is a very cost efficient shoe at $80.00. Though the padding of the shoe is thinner, the feel is very soft. Runners ranked this highly and it is billed as a quality shoe. The attractive price tag makes them a good investment even if they needed to be replaced more often (due to the thin insole) They are very good shoes for the hobby runner.

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5.  Saucony Peregrine 4

Saucony Peregrine 4

•  This is a rugged shoe for rough terrain. Under the full width of the show are V-shaped lugs. The plate is made of nylon fiber so the shoe digs in to the trail and provides excellent foot protection from debris that could be on the trails. No runner wants to be injured from landing on a rock or something that will not be properly absorbed well by your footwear. This is a great shoe for trails.

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6.  Brooks Cascadia 9

Brooks Cascadia 9

•   This shoe is great. It looks great even if you wear them with jeans. But it is a serious running shoe! It is light weight and it has wonderful padding making it one of the more comfortable running shoes on the market. It is reasonably prices at $110.00. The shoe is popular for all ranks of runners and sometimes just the style conscience consumer.

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7.  Puma Faas 700 v2

Puma Faas 700 v2

•  This is the shoe of choice for the new runner. It is moderately priced at $80.00 and it has a stylish look. The beginner runner needs additional padding for long runs and this shoe does not disappoint. This shoe provides support and comfort.

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8.  Saucony Ride 7

Saucony Ride 7

•    This shoe has been completely remade and it is so much better than its predecessor. Where the original shoe had a piece of plastic that was positioned under the arch, it has been replaced with foam and rubber. Other improvements are the updated outsole. The shoe now provides a very smooth run. The fit of the shoe is superb and the comfort is unsurpassed. This is a definite for our top ten selections.

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9.  Mizuno Wave Hitogami

Mizuno Wave Hitogami

•              Designed for the mid-distance runner or for speed runners, this is a very comfortable and light weight runner. It is notably very flexible. It has an exclusive wave plate under the heel. It is very comfortable, though long distance runners would usually prefer a firmer fit. This is an excellent choice for speed runners.

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10.  Nike Free 4.0 Flyknit

•     This shoe Nike Free 4.0 Flyknitby Nike has been totally reworked. It now offers more flexible impact for runners due to a new hexagon shape outsole configuration. Though runners notice a bit of a stiffer feel, it is still very well fitting and flexible. This shoe is highly recommended for long distance running. It is a great choice for comfort and absorption of impact.

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When it comes to finding the right shoes for running, there is much to consider. Speak to a professional in footwear. Fine, quality manufactures will normally allow you to take the shoes for a run before you spend money for shoes that could get costly quickly. Do your homework. Know what you are looking for and how much you are willing to spend. If you purchase the right shoes, they will carry you many miles and will allow you to excel in your sport. They also will provide comfort and protection. That is the purpose of quality shoes. Runners should invest in different running shoes for different terrains.