Best Running Shoes 2015

The Top Five best Running Shoes 2015

The top choices for best running shoes for 2015 are exciting! Running shoes are the best they have ever been. The combination of technology, style and the science of the sport have brought the running shoe to a new level. This year it is still about lightweight, padded comfort and the 2015 selections are the best of the best. Redesigns have taken the running shoe to a whole new level.

This our selection for the best running shoes 2015:

1.Nike’s Free 5

Nike’s Free 5 Nike’s Free 5 running shoes 7

Nike has really hit the mark with this fantastic running shoe. This is the perfect running shoe for the beginner to the professional. It is reasonably priced. It is a new design and it is getting the attention of serious runners. This shoe looks much like any Nike designer shoe which would be worn with your favorite jeans. Yet is it a high performance running shoe that is second to none.

•              This is a strong shoe for our number one position. It has supreme comfort, and it looks so stylish you could wear it anywhere.

•              The mesh upper of the Free 5 offers mind-blowing support.

•              The Free 5 allows you to maintain your natural stride, with a rounded heel and a low-profile midsole.

•              Allows more freedom with hexagonal grooves.

•              Exceptionable durability

•              Very light weight


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2.Nike’s Free 3.0 Flyknit

Nike’s Free 3.0 Flyknit Running shoesNike’s Free 3.0 Flyknit

Again Nike has been on a mission to allow more room. Those who wear the 3.0 Flyknit tell us it is the best Flyknit to date. The only reason we ranked this shoe number 2 is because there can only be one number one. Nike holds the top two positions. The roomy interior of the shoe allows great comfort yet the support to the foot is unsurpassed. Nike’s Flyknit line has always been a favorite with runners, the 3.0 Flyknit will not be an exception. Look for this to be one of the most popular choices this year.

•              Designed with more interior room

•              Allows natural movement with flexible hexagonal grooves

•              One piece mid-sole padding (designed to work well with the more roomy interior)

•              Designed with a lower toe area, a higher heel wall and higher side mid-foot panels.

•              This shoe is a rework from last year’s model and the changes though substantial appear understated. In short it is all about the right amount of padding and the right amount of stretch. It is all about comfort. The Nike Free line has nailed it again.

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3. Saucony Ride 7

Saucony Ride 7Saucony Ride 7 running shoes

There is nothing bashful about the Saucony Ride 7. They are bold and bright with in your face bursts of color. They are very comfortable and a favorite for long distance runners. If we had to sum the Saucony Ride 7 up in one word, that word would be aggressive!

•              Bright and vibrant colors are anything but boring

•              Very comfortable stride with heel to toe padding, thanks to a Powergrid material base.

•              Moister control interior lining

•              This shoe was completely redesigned for extreme comfort.

•              Extreme flexibility

•              Redesigned to be lighter to wear

•              Reflective silver at heel for visibility

•              Winner of three prestigious awards

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4. Adidas Ultra Boost

Adidas Ultra Boost running shoes Adidas Ultra Boost

This shoe is like walking in the clouds. The comfort of this shoe is unsurpassed. More comfort equals more running. Adidas is proud of this Ultra Boost and we have to agree. This is the best running shoe Adidas has made. Look for this gem to remain for the shoe lovers everywhere this year.

•              Adidas boast the Ultra Boost as the “best running shoe ever made”.

•              Designed to provide support to the foot while allowing the foot to do what it does.

•              Midsole removed allowing the foot to remain close to the ground

•              Lightweight and cool

•              Redesigned heel to allow your foot to move with your Achilles

•              Built in sock material for comfort

•              20% more overall padding


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5. Saucony Triumph ISO

Saucony Triumph ISO Running Shoes Saucony Triumph ISO

Serious runners are thrilled about this shoe. This is an extremely padded shoe and it should do well this year. Saucony found the perfect balance of support with comfort and the impact absorption reduces the stress on the body of the runner. This shoe does well for long distance running, speed and trail running due to the extraordinary cushioning.

•              The most cushioned running shoe on the market – absorbs impact beautifully

•              Very lightweight

•              Designed to fit the foot snuggly to prevent chafing

•              20% more cushioning than its predecessor

•              Bright and bold colors

•              Stylish


The shoes for best running out for 2015 are the best they have ever been. It is very difficult to narrow down the massive list. However, we believe this is the cream of the crop. Every manufacture claims they know they have hit the Number one best seller for the year.

The thing we appreciate about this year’s selection is the shoes are great for every experience level. The shoes are designed for running. They provide support and prevent injury. The stylish colors and looks of the designer shoes this year will make anyone proud no matter what you wear them.

Running shoes are an investment. Yet, they are no more expensive than standard name brand shoes (depending upon what label you wear) and they provide protection and support to insure your safety while running. The durability of the good running shoes makes them a value, as they will last for many miles. Runners have their jobs cut out for them this year choosing a favorite among these awesome choices. You may want to make your life easier and buy several pair.